Blockchain SRL is an innovative solution which involves the development, production and commercialisation of an innovative platform which has been created to manage the protocols, data and transactions of blockchain technology, including smart contracts and the digital representation of values.

Encourage the digital transition

Digital transition is one of the UE’s priorities to increase productivity and increase occupation. In such a context Blockchain is one of the most innovative technologies to bridge the gap, in particular for those sectors which are behind with digital technology such as farming.

Protection of the quality and origin of products

The guarantee of the origin and certification of the correct product processes are the bases for the protection of product’s which are “Made In Italy.”

Making companies more competitive

Blockchainer is working on solutions which can shorten and simplify the production chain, thus increasing company revenue and increasing competitivity.


The ID card for food products

A platform which implements and manages the information which characterizes food products.
The whole product lifecycle is certified using Blockchain technology. It is an end-to-end solution which can bring benefits to whoever is involved in the lifecycle of a product.

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